Sun Kist Enterprise is one of my E-commerce projects. This is a simple, modern, and secure enterprise-level electronics and hobby store. This is a place where engineers, enthusiasts, and inventors buy their bill of materials for their next world-changing projects.

CMS: WordPress
E-Commerce: Woocommerce
SEO: Organic and Yoast
Specification: Custom Theme with Custom Plugins
Security: SSL, DNSSec, MFA, Anti-DDoS Protection, Daily Backups


  • E-Wallet System
  • Customer Management System
  • User Management System
  • Woocommerce Features
  • Custom Forms
  • Custom Shipping and Payment Methods
  • Facebook Messenger Integration
  • Data Protection and Privacy Compliant
  • Customer and User Dashboard
  • Order Tracker
  • Smart Product Search
  • Login and Register System
  • Multi-Factor Authentication System

Client Review

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M. R. Domasian

Head of Marketing, Sunkist Enterprise