How to Unblock Website URL on Facebook?

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Looking for solutions on how to unblock your website URL on Facebook? I’m here to help by sharing what I know on how I’m able to unblock this website URL on Facebook. I would like you to know that my website has been blocked since 2016 on Facebook. Recently, I was able to unblock it on Facebook.

Here’s my first advice, if you think that your website URL is following the Community Standards of Facebook then you’re fine.

Facebook Debugger Tool

This is the first thing you need to do so you can report it to Facebook. Just be sure your website is not violating any of the Community Standards.

  1. Visit the Sharing Debugger website by Facebook.
  2. Enter your website URL and debug it. It will show something like the image below.
    Sharing Debugger Error on Facebook
  3. Now, if you think this is a mistake just click the “let us know” and report it!
  4. Explain what you need to explain to unblock your website URL.
  5. Don’t make it long, it might be considered as spam so be careful.
  6. Wait for the response… (I know it sucks but you need to wait…)

Blocked For More Than 4 Years

Yeah, that’s true! This website’s URL ( was blocked on Facebook years ago and recently unblocked by the Facebook team last month which is January. I manage to contact the team and unblocked my website URL in just 24 hours. I’m not going to disclose how I’m able to contact the Facebook team but I just want you to know that this website’s URL was blocked on Facebook for years! Cheers!

Need Help?

If the above doesn’t work as expected then you might need my help. I’m able to unblock any blocked URL on Facebook. Just contact me and unblock it for you!

Be sure that your website URL has been blocked by mistake… any website that doesn’t follow community standards on Facebook will be ignored or I will not unblock it. Suffer! Hahaha…

Protect Yourself from Scams

There are Facebook pages and websites claiming that they can unblock blocked URLs on Facebook without showing proof. Think twice and research their background first.

I don’t want to mention these scam Facebook pages and websites to avoid issues.

Are You Legit?

You can answer that, you can check my Facebook Page reviews and ratings. I have social media accounts. I’m a real person… of course, I am legit!

What to Do Now?

Wait for the response from the Facebook team from reporting it or ask for help! If you really need to talk to me in real-time. You need to join my G-Squad via Discord with a price of coffee!

Official Discord:

If you think that this blog helps please consider to buy me a coffee!


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