How to Track Coronavirus Cases on Command Line

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Looking for a unique tracker for Coronavirus or COVID-19? I recently come up with the idea of creating a CLI based tracker for Coronavirus statistics. I tried to search for similar projects on Github but at that time I don’t see any projects related to my idea.

I believe in the saying “necessity is the mother of invention”, that’s the reason I decided to create the tracker. Today I’m gonna teach you how to track Coronavirus or COVID-19 cases using only your command-line interface such as command prompt for Windows, terminal for Linux, and termux for Android.

The CLI Tracker

We are going to use my open-source project called COVID-19 Tracker CLI. The source code of the tracker is available on my official Github account. Please consider leaving a star on the repository, it helps me to reach more people who might need this.

I bought a domain name called for this project so I can host it and make it open to the public.

Thanks to all of my supporters who bought a coffee via Buy Me A Coffee. With the help of my community, I manage to buy the domain name specifically for this purpose. So thanks again!

Tracker Usage on CLI

To use my tracker you only need a command-line interface! That’s so simple, right? Fire up your favorite command line and let’s start getting some updates about Coronavirus stats.

To get started open your terminal… and type the following command.

How to Track Coronavirus or COVID-19 Cases on Command Line

and you should get the following response from the CLI tool. Pro tip, if you append the URL with /help the tracker will throw the help menu for your reference.

How to Track Coronavirus or COVID-19 Cases on Command Line

Awesome? Simple, and straightforward use… just type the command and the tool will give you the most recent update in real-time.

By Country Tracking

How about checking statistics by country?

Don’t worry I implemented that feature too! I add a country route so it will instruct the tracker that you are looking for specific statistics for a country.

Follow the command below… the good thing about this tool is that it supports two-letter country code or ISO 3166-1 code. For example, the country code or ISO 3166 code for the Philippines is PH or PHL. Like the command below…

How to Track Coronavirus or COVID-19 Cases on Command Line

You should get the following result below…

How to Track Coronavirus or COVID-19 Cases on Command Line

Now you can start using this tracker on your own, the online CLI tracker is good for one year to use.

Track using Android

The command I showed you is also compatible with Termux. Termux is an Android terminal emulator and Linux environment app. This means that the tracker is also available on Android too! Make sure to install the curl software on your Termux. Type the command below to your Termux and hit backspace.

pkg install curl

It will download the package and install it on your Termux app. Now, try the same command I showed you on your Termux app and you should get the following response from the tracker.

How to Track Coronavirus or COVID-19 Cases on Command Line

The response from the tracker might be bigger than on your current screen so I would suggest zoom out your Termux screen so you can view properly the tracker’s response.

How about the Windows command prompt? Will it work?

Yes! just append the URL with /cmd like the following command…

How to Track Coronavirus or COVID-19 Cases on Command Line

You can also use /plain and /basic for the same result… but /cmd is more convenient to type. When you use the following command for the command prompt, you will receive a pretty basic and simple output…

How to Track Coronavirus or COVID-19 Cases on Command Line

Beautiful? Indeed! This is how I solve the issue with the command prompt to make it supported by the tracker. Now, we can use the tracker in any common command-line interface except Powershell.

Currently, Powershell is not supported… I’m still working on it… the development of this tracker will continue as soon as I have free time.

Support and Donation

Love the project and the tutorial? Please consider buying me a cup of coffee! Use the link below and support the project so I can keep on updating it and add more features.

You can also help me by sharing this blog with your social media accounts. Help me to reach more people to my technical blogs. It helps me to help more! I hope you enjoy the blog… peace yow!


  1. Sami

    Hi! Thanks for great tracker.

    Normally curl command in PowerShell is alias to Invoke-WebRequest. So this woks also in PowerShell window if using curl from C:\Windows\System32 -folder.

    PS C:\> c:\windows\system32\curl
    COVID-19 Tracker CLI v2.9.5 – Global Update
    As of 4/1/2020, 8:25:55 AM [Date: 4/1/2020]
    Cases | 876,348
    Deaths | 43,522
    Mortality % | 4.97
    Recovered | 184,965
    Recovery % | 21.11

    “Avoid fake news…”

    Love this project? Please consider buying me a cup of coffee!
    (Buy Me A Coffee)
    Follow me on twitter for more updates!
    @warengonzaga #covid19trackercli

  2. FRankK

    An error (?) suddenly occured:

    $curl -L
    Unavailable for legal reasons



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