Adorable Home Hack Guide (Game)

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There is a game that is simple but now becoming popular in my country the Philippines! Yeah, this game is kind of boring to play sometimes, but netizens kind of enjoying the simulator game. I don’t understand why but they like it too much and they are going crazy with it.


The game is good and enjoyable for the first time I played it but hours come the game becomes boring to me. It would take hours to get better stats and decorations on your home which is a kind of time-consuming game for me. I played it and applied my real-life set up such as my name and the name of my partner in real life which is Emily. (Let’s skip no one cares lol)

The Game

So, here’s the thing… if you are decided to hack your game then follow my guide but if you want to play this game seriously on your own sweat and time then you should consider stop reading this post and close the tab or your browser and go back to the game.

The game is in a bad practice manner (sorry devs but you know what you did here.) Why did I say this? This is because the game’s database is saved on your phone’s storage instead of their server! What’s that mean? It means you can edit and manipulate your own game data!

The developers of this game have their own reasons why they did this… let’s not question their abilities and skills because of bad practice. The game for me is a kind of what we call ad game or in layman’s term, a game developed for ad purposes to make money from advertisements.

The Hack Guide

First, you need to install the required apps to edit and manipulate the game.

  • File Manager + (any file manager would work from the play store)
  • QuickEdit (any code editor on your phone would work)

Alright, let’s assume you have these apps and ready to hack the game lol!

Hacking the Game

  1. Locate the application’s data on your smartphone… carefully follow the path. (Android/data/com.hyperbeard.adorablehome/files)

    Adorable Home Hack Guide

  2. You can see a list of files saved on that directory, these files are the database of your game. You can play around with these files. This time I’m gonna enable the garden and edit the “LOVE” points. To do that, you need to open the “PlayerDatabase_1.txt” file.
  3. You can just tap the file and the text editor will handle it for you. You should see something like below in plain text.Adorable Home Hack Guide
    As you can see this is not from my phone, I use my computer to read the text file as JSON since this is a database follows the JSON formatting saved in plaintext in a text file. I did this to clearly show you what part of the text file should change…

    You can still read the text on your phone using QuickEdit. You now clearly see what I’m saying… you can change the values here and it will change your gameplay in instant after re-opening the game.

  4. Look for “got_garden” and set it to true. For love points… just look for “loveCount” and change the value! In my end, my garden is enabled and now I’m gonna change the love points to 9999 (for now) lol hahaha let see!
    Adorable Home Hack Guide
    Now, you can see my changes! Save it and go back to the game…
  5. Tadaa! It is working as expected…
    Adorable Home Hack Guide
    Alright, don’t try to put too many numbers in the love points because the game won’t load anymore just use fewer numbers.
  6. This is the time to explore the database on yourself… the database structure is kind of straight forward. I can assure that you can fully modify the game with yourself if not, you can always leave a comment below and I will respond as soon as I can.


The game becoming popular now and it is easy to manipulate the data too… so I hope I don’t ruin your beautiful adorable home by this hack guide. I would advise if you wanna ruin your game maybe you can mess with your database and cheat the gameplay!

I hope you find this hack guide useful and helpful content… please share this post to your friends and don’t forget to leave your comments below and buy me a coffee when you can. Peace out!



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