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EmilyCSS, ImNayeonCSS, NancyJS, DaisyJS, WRN Cleaner, WiFi Passview, COVID-19 Tracker CLI

One of the familiar names in the field of Cybersecurity in the Philippines. An ethical hacker (white hat/grey hat) aims to use my skills to help my country to be safe online. Certified and recognized ethical hacker by ZSecurity proudly mentored by Zaid Sabih (a computer scientist and cybersecurity professional, popular ethical hacking instructor), Michael Cabalin (Founder of Pinoy Linux, Philippine Linux Windows Users, and Padawan Cybersecurity), Semi Yulianto (Co-Founder and CHO at SGI Asia), and Niel Lachica (Certified Ethical Hacker) and many more you know who you are. Future CompTIA Security+, Pentest+, OSCP and OSCE.

Open-source developer and contributor to popular web development libraries (animate.css, emily.css, imnayeon.css, nancy.js, daisy.js) and frameworks (banner studio). An aspiring entrepreneur in technology-related business. Owner of the future biggest online Korean store in the Philippines featuring popular Hallyu or Korean Wave.

Award-winning inventions from Instructables (a website specializing in user-created and uploaded do-it-yourself projects) for making DIY projects related to technology. Inventor and scientist by day and ethical hacker and programmer by night.

Waren Gonzaga – “A person who wastes his time just to save your time and secure your hackable stuff”